• Alchg Linux

    Simple and lightweight Linux live distribution.

  • Main Features

    Anytime, anywhere.

    AlchgLinux is location-agnostic.
    You can boot from a DVD or USB stick and work from an Internet cafe or a friend's house.
    With an Internet connection, even more work can be done.


    When booting from a DVD, there is no disc tampering.

    Also, used files are erased when the system is closed, so no personal information is left behind.

    As a rescue in case of failure.

    AlchgLinux provides a minimal desktop environment, but it is based on the ArchLinux installation disk and many CUI applications are available.

  • System Requirement

    CPU 64bit

    CPU supporting x86-64 is required.

    RAM 1GB

    1GB of RAM is required.

    Bootable disc

    A bootable disc such as a DVD or USB memory stick is required.

  • Videos

  • Download

    ISO file can be downloaded from GitHub.



  • How to use

    File Verification

    If necessary, verify that the downloaded iso file is correct.

    For linux, you can use sha256sum, etc. For windows, you can use 7-Zip, etc.

    Bootable disc creation (DVD)

    Burn the iso file to DVD.

    For linux, e.g. Brasero, or for windows, right click on the iso file and click on burn disc image.

    Live USB creation (USB flash drive)

    Write the iso file to a USB flash drive.

    For linux, you can use the dd command, etc. For windows, you can use Rufus, etc.

  • More information

    About Manual

    Please refer to ArchWiki, where all information about ArchLinux is available, since AlchgLinux is also ArchLinux itself.
    README has basic information.

    Booting from a DVD or USB flash drive.

    As with ArchLinux, it can boot in UEFI and BIOS mode. Secure Boot is also supported.
    For Secure Boot, the kernel and boot loader must be registered using HashTool. (In the case of Alchg Linux, loader.efi and vmlinuz-linux-lts)

    Please refer to ArchWiki for details.

    Program modification does not exist.

    AlchgLinux is based on ArchLinux, but no program changes exist.

    It also does not contain any private programs.

    Differences from ArchLinux

    AlchgLinux is a minimal GUI environment built on an ArchLinux installation disc, with a web browser added.

    It is therefore possible to use the ArchWiki and to install ArchLinux using copy and paste.

    Additional Applications List


    I want to make it myself.

    Archiso makes it easy to create.
    If you want to create AlchgLinux in your own environment, you can simply run this script with ArchLinux (for now)

    Keep It Simple, Stupid.

    Simplicity is important to AlchgLinux.
    AlchgLinux wants to keep changes to a minimum of automation and configuration.

  • ReadMe

    Useful Tips


    Switch to super user (password is root) : su

    Application Search : pacman -Ssy firefox web browser

    Application Installation : pacman -Sy firefox


    • General Application List
    • Ability to switch desktops with the mouse wheel, for example, on the taskbar.

    • Ability to switch desktops by holding down two taps and dragging up and down.

    • Ability to right-click or wheel-click with 2 or 3 taps.

    • RAM disk space dynamically increases when RAM exceeds 2 GiB.

    • If you use a web browser during ArchLinux installation, using NetSurf is less resource intensive.

    • Remote desktop (Vinagre) can be terminated by clicking the center of the top edge of the screen and then Alt+F4 (OpenBox feature). Currently, the control widget that is supposed to be displayed is transparent.

  • Support the project

    If you like Alchg Linux, please participate in Distro Watch's recommendation poll.

  • 32bit version (Beta)

    It can be downloaded from GoogleDrive.



    *GUI operation has been confirmed with 512 MB of RAM. (swap recommended)

    *Please take into account that this is an unofficial community version. (Arch Linux 32)